Windmill: interesting fact to avoid the bug

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Windmill: interesting fact to avoid the bug

Post by Schnack Nasie on Tue 4 Oct - 6:38

As you perhaps all recognized, the windmill bugs sometimes.

It just stops working.

After the server restart it works again for some time and then it stops again.

So now I recognized an interesting fact:

After server restart I stuffed it with 320 wheat (80 stones) and let it run and didn't touch it.

And it runs and runs and runs...

I guess that if anybody interacts with the running windmill this produces the bug.

So I suggest the following rule:

Only the person who started the windmill after filling it properly with wheat has the right to touch it then.

To make this idea/concept just a little harder, when rebuilding the town and placing a new windmill (next to wheat field of course) it could be surrounded by a palisade wall and a wooden gate.

The person who works with the windmill just claims the gate and that's it.

No more confusion, no more noobs fiddling with the windmill, no more bugged windmill that is just a decoration.

But ...

The server setting of the windmill working speed is fucked up - it produces 10 flour out of 30 wheat in one hour - this is disgusting.

It would need 10 hours and 40 minutes (untouched!) to make 106 flour of 320 wheat ...

Its only benefit it's more efficient in the outcome - 3 wheat = 1 flour.

The quern-stone is less efficient - 5 wheat = 1 flour - but theoretically 320 units of wheat could be done into 64 wheat in about 25 minutes.


It seems that the windmill is "bound" to the character who started it. When that user relogs or logs out then the windmill stops working and is bugged again until next server restart.
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